Delivery Preperation

Delivery Preparation


Why is this important?
If you don’t check the access and ensure the static caravan will be able to be transported and sited at your desired location, there are two likely outcomes: you risk the chance of a failed delivery which you will still have to pay for you risk receiving a caravan damaged due to an access issue. However, with simple 6 steps these can be avoided
Step-by-step process
Follow these steps to provide your dealer with enough information:
1-Walk or drive the route with a passenger from the nearest A road
Check for any pinch points like tree trunks and telegraph poles adjacent to each other, low tree branches, tight bends and especially any single carriageway sections of road. If the road does not have a white line down the middle then that could be an area your delivery struggles.
2-Measure your access
Remember gate posts have hinges that need to be taken into consideration when measuring
3-Is there room to manoeuvre?
4-Is the ground soft at the delivery point?
Caravans are heavy and difficult to manouevre, if the ground is not solid we may need to survey the site before delivery.
5-.Are there any obstacles?
6 – Speak with our static caravan experts
Our experts have years of experience and the ideal skill set to advise on the right size static for your site. 01754 483988

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